We are Paradise Circus, a band of witty comments and great tunes!

Comprising James O’Gorman on Vocals and Guitar, Jake Brown on Drums and Dan Woodhead on Bass. Formed in the back streets of Brum in 2012, our inspirations are an eclectic mix of many great artists such as The Jam, The Strokes, and Otis Redding. Working with producer Gavin Monaghan, who is notable for his work with The Editors, and The Twang, we’ve been busy on our second single ‘Marry Me When I’m 40’ due for release end of March 2015. Follow the links to hear tracks on Soundcloud, and our debut single ‘Drunk’, is available on iTunes now, we hope you enjoy!

Here’s what’s been said about us...

"The band’s undeniable talent is in creating vibrant, soulful, anthemic and emotive songs. At its core, its a gritty twist on British pop. Powerful vocals, memorable hooks, and clever lyrics create their unmistakable style and sound that is gaining the band ever increasing popularity."

“Paradise Circus are stars waiting to shine. Their soulful vocals and gritty urban story lyrics will captivate you on first listen” Gavin Monaghan - Magic Garden Studio

“They are one of the best young bands today” Guy Holmes - Kundun Music & Media


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